USB Superslim SL 9.5MM SATA Optical Enclosure

USB 2.0 Optical Drive External Enclosure

Turns ANY 9.5mm slot loading internal optical drive into an external solution!

Ideal solution for MacBooks and Macs with replaced optical drive!

The OWC SuperSlim Optical Drive Solution makes CD, DVD, and/or Blu-ray® disc burning and playing Plug and Play easy* with Macs and PCs. It's bus powered (no AC adapter needed!) ultra thin, and lightweight for easy transport in your gear bag.

Uses ANY 9.5mm SuperSlim Slot Loading Optical Drive

While an extremely attractive option for Mac® mini**, MacBook®, and MacBook Pro owners looking to retask a removed Apple® SuperDrive®, the OWC SuperSlim is also a great choice for ANY 9.5mm optical drive... even those with mounting tabs! So whether you choose an enclosure kit to build your own solution, or select an OWC pre-configured solution, the OWC SuperSlim offers stylish, highly portable disc read/write capabilities for your specific need.

Compact and versatile - No AC Adapter Required!
The OWC SuperSlim Optical Drive Solution offers stylish mobile disk read/write ability with a sleek, totally bus powered design. Take your digital life with you wherever you roam!
*disc read/write capabilities vary depending on installed drive
Faster than an internal optical drive!
Equipped with an Apple SuperDrive®, the OWC SuperSlim offers CD/DVD write speeds equal to and even slightly better than when the drive is installed internally in a 2011 MacBook Pro.
Now you can retain full performance of a replaced optical drive after adding the OWC Data Doubler
Compatibility note: The 2010 mac mini uses 9.5mm drives. (For 2006-2009 minis with 12.7mm optical drive, use the OWC Slim enclosure - call us for information)
OWC™ Slim includes
* OWC SuperSlim External Optical Drive Enclosure
* High Quality Double Shielded 'Y' type Dual USB 2.0/1.1 (Dual 'A' to 5 pin 'mini-B' type) cable
* OWC SuperSlim Assembly Guide
* Sunplus
Drive Requirements
* Any 9.5mm SATA slim slot loading optical drive mechanism, including those with mounting tabs.
Drive Interface
* SATA (Serial ATA)
Port Configuration
* USB 2.0 - (1) mini "B" port
Data Transfer Rate
* USB 2.0 - 480Mbps (or 60MB/sec)
* Super quiet fanless ventilation
Macintosh Requirements
* Mac OS 8.6 or later and an available USB 2.0/1.1 port.
* USB 2.0 functionality requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later including ‘Lion’ 10.7.x.
* Time Machine® Compatible: Mac OS X 10.5 (version introduced) and later.
Windows Requirements
* Windows 98SE or later and an available USB 2.0/1.1 port.
* USB 2.0 functionality requires Windows 2000 or later.
Power Supply
* Bus Power via USB on most computers with standard USB 2.0 port.
* Optional AC Adapter*
* AC adapter not required for most applications provided computer bus supplies appropriate power needs.
External Case Dimensions
* 5.85 in (D) x 5.72 in (W) x 0.6 in (H)
(148.59 mm x 145.29 mm x 15.24 mm)
Enclosure Weight
* 4.2 ounces (119.07g)