Keyspan Device Drivers

This page has current and archived Keyspan device drivers for Windows, Mac OSX, MacOS and Linux.

Serial adapter - USA-19HS (KS-USA19W)  4.6 Mb Last Update: Jun/17/14 Download
 USA-19HS-v4-(Windows-7-and-8).zip  4.6 Mb Last Update: Jan/20/13 Download
 USA-19HS Keyspan Driver for Mac OS (8.6-9.x)  884 Kb Last Update: Jun/11/10 Download  279 Kb Last Update: Mar/17/16 Download
 USA-19HS-v2.6.4-(Mac-OSX-10.6.x-to-10.8.x).zip  279 Kb Last Update: Jun/11/10 Download


4 port serial adapter - USA-49WG (KS-USA49W)


USB 4 port Server - US-4A (KS-US4A)

 Model US-4A Keyspan Driver - Windows 2000  3 Mb Last Update: Apr/01/09 Download


USB 2 Server - U2S-2A (KS-U2S2A)


Voip Phone - VP-24A (KS-VP24A)

 Model VP-24A Keyspan Driver - Mac OS X  571 Kb Last Update: Apr/01/09 Download


iTunes Remote - URM-15T (KS-IR)


Express Remote - URM-17A (KS-ER)

 Model URM-17A Keyspan Driver - Mac OS X  2 Mb Last Update: Apr/01/09 Download
 Model URM-17A Keyspan Driver - Windows  5 Mb Last Update: Apr/01/09 Download


TuneViewUSB - TVU-200C (KS-TVU)


Twin Serial Adaptor - USA-28XG (KS-USA28)

 Model USA-28XG Keyspan Driver - Mac OS (8.6-9.x)  792 Kb Last Update: Apr/01/09 Download


MiniPort Replicator - UPR-112G (KS-UPR)

 Model UPR-112G Keyspan Driver - Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32bit) Note: UPR-112G installer is referenced as USA-19HS. The UPR-112G's serial port is identified as a USA-19HS. This is normal. No installer is needed for the UPR-112G's other ports. 7 Mb Last Update: Jun/01/09 Download


Link to manufacturers website: Keyspan by Tripp-Lite USA link