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Updated: 20 hours 34 min ago

7 things to consider before buying an aftermarket CarPlay receiver

Sat, 2018-07-14 07:33
Most new vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth technology...

Um, excuse me, but I actually like USB-C dongles

Sat, 2018-07-14 06:52
Apple just moved one step closer to being a USB-C only laptop shop...

Siri gets supercharged on Apple Watch with watchOS 5

Sat, 2018-07-14 06:25
Siri got some seriously useful enhancements in watchOS 5...

Did Apple just show its hand on future low-end, A-series-powered MacBooks?

Sat, 2018-07-14 06:04
Yesterday’s announcements about refreshing the high-end MacBook Pro models effectively gave away Apple’s plans...

Apple’s surprise MacBook Pro update further strains its relationship with professional Mac users

Sat, 2018-07-14 05:03
Apple dropped their new MacBook Pro models in a tone-deaf, we-don't-really-care-about-pro-users-needs kind of way...

Craig A. Hunter reviews Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro: Improvements emphasize the ‘Pro’ in MacBook Pro

Sat, 2018-07-14 04:31
I’ve been using Mac laptops for a long time, going back to the very first portable Apple ever made...

‘Valley of Genius’ author reveals the biggest secrets about Steve Jobs’ life and death

Sat, 2018-07-14 03:44
The pioneers behind some of the world's most influential technology companies might not be the lovable nerds...

Two things seem obvious about Apple’s MacBook Pro keyboard

Sat, 2018-07-14 03:14
One of the things Apple mentioned almost in passing in yesterday’s 2018 MacBook Pro announcement...

Adobe has killed the ‘iPad is not productive’ trope

Sat, 2018-07-14 02:01
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say 'iPads are not productive' I’d have...

Apple’s revised MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard: Quieter may not be enough

Sat, 2018-07-14 01:28
As someone who has been living with a 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro keyboard for a couple of years...

Apple’s next-gen iPhones could drive significant growth

Sat, 2018-07-14 00:56
Apple is preparing to launch three new iPhones this year. One of the new iPhones is expected to be an upgraded version of the current premium iPhone X and another...

Adobe to launch full version of Photoshop for iPad in strategy shift

Sat, 2018-07-14 00:25
Adobe is planning to launch the full version of its Photoshop app for Apple'’s iPad...

Plex grid view of live TV guide now available on Apple TV

Fri, 2018-07-13 23:41
When Plex launched a live TV guide in the traditional grid format...

Apple launches $300 million China Clean Energy Fund

Fri, 2018-07-13 22:57
Apple today announced a new first-of-its-kind investment fund in China to connect suppliers...

Apple says new MacBook Pro keyboard won’t fix sticky key issue

Fri, 2018-07-13 07:55
Hoping Apple's refreshed MacBook Pro would include a keyboard that can't be damaged by a little dust?

Apple’s 2018 Macs and iPads could prove strong enough to lift flagging sales

Fri, 2018-07-13 07:02
Apple's hardware engineering strengths might just provide a boost to sluggish Mac and iPad sales...

Apple continues to signal the importance of AI

Fri, 2018-07-13 06:33
Apple’s head of AI, John Giannandrea, will take responsibility for Siri from Craig Federighi...

The 5 biggest changes in Apple’s new MacBook Pro

Fri, 2018-07-13 05:56
Apple's 2018 MacBook Pros may not be the radical revision that some have begged for...

Check to see if your older Mac Pro supports macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Fri, 2018-07-13 05:30
Apple has already informed developers of which Mac hardware will be supported under macOS Mojave...

Apple’s next-gen iPad and Apple Watch models will be totally gorgeous

Fri, 2018-07-13 05:01
What’s great about the iPhone X is that it’s the herald of a new design era at Apple...