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Fosh is a distributor of the highest quality accessories for computers. We originally specialised in products for Apple computers but, as the market has evolved, we were one of the first companies in Australia to support Internet based technologies, and most of our products have become multi-platform. We are still one of Australia’s oldest suppliers of both Apple and iOS peripherals.

Our current strength lies in both Apple/Unix and leading quality server room accessories, many of which enable IP remote control and monitoring of the installed servers. If it’s not good, we won’t sell it. When we sell it, we support it like no one else. We have one of the best reputations for supplying high quality computer peripherals in Australia, which we have proudly developed during over 30 years of dedicated work.

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fosh australia Pty Ltd

7 Lucas Street, Caulfield South, Vic, 3162
Phone: +61 3 9596 5395   -  email: sales at fosh.com.au


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