USB 2.0 A/A Hi-Speed Active Extension / Repeater Cable 10-meter

Extend USB beyond the normal limit
  • Extends and Boosts the signal to any USB device
  • Supports data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps
  • Built in Repeater maintains Hi-Speed USB signal quality, and electrical / timing specifications
  • Plug and Play....Compatible with all major operating systems
Tripp Lite's 10-meter ( 33 ft. ) USB 2.0 active extension cable is a bus powered extension cable that can be used to increase the length of a device cable without the worry of signal loss and potential performance problems. USB limits a cable's length to 5 meters. Any length above 5 meters requires the use of an active cable such as this one. This cable has a signal booster built in. The overall cable length can be extended up to 40 meters by daisy chaining up to 4 of these active cables. The cable must be plugged directly into a USB port (either on the PC or a hub). Use a standard 6' 10' or 15' USB A-B cable to reach the desired distance.
Key Features
* 10 meter ( 33 ft.) USB2.0 Active Extension Cable, USB-A Male to USB-A Female
* Full 480Mbps Transfer rate, as well as backward compatible to USB 1.1 ( 12Mbps )
* Daisy Chain four cables for a total of 40 Meters, or combine with our 20 meter active extender cable
* Bus external power required
* Compatible with all major operating systems....Plug-and-Play; no software to load
System Requirements
* USB 2.0 enabled computer ( Windows or MAC )
Package Includes
* 10-Meter ( 33 ft. ) USB2.0 A/A Hi-Speed Active Extension / Repeater Cable
SKU: TR-U02610M