Smartalk Headphone Adapter + Control + Mic for iPhone

Use your favorite headphones with your iPhone.

Or add voice memo recording and remote control to your iPod (Classic or Touch)

Your favorite pair of earphones becomes a full-function headset for iPhone with Griffin's SmartTalk Headphone Adapter + Control + Microphone for iPhone.
SmartTalk combines a iPhone-compatible headphone adapter with a noise-canceling microphone and control module so you can use any earphones and retain all the functions of your iPhone. When you’re listening to your tunes, SmartTalk’s control button lets you Play, Pause, Skip forward or backward. When you get an incoming call, the same button answers the call or lets you send it to voicemail. 
Do more than upgrade the headset that came with your iPhone … let your own favorite earphones work smarter with SmartTalk™ Headphone Adapter + Control & Mic for iPhone. 
  Adds a microphone and an iPhone control button to your favorite earphones 
  Answer calls or send them to voicemail 
  Play, pause and skip through your tunes 
  High-sensitivity microphone for crystal-clear phone conversations 
  Cord clip keeps mic & control button within easy reach