Shut Down Timer (non-fused with screw terminal connections)

The Shut Down Timer or sometimes referred to as a Delay Timer, protects your vehicle's battery from over discharge and equipment from low voltage and high voltage damage. This device turns OFF electrical loads at a preset time after the car engine is shut down. It protects your vehicle battery and communications equipment from over discharge, low voltage and high voltage damage. The EASY alternative to ChargeGuard™
    * Easy time set and check. Speed-up time testing switch.
    * New easier to adjust - delay time (5 seconds to 4 hours).
      Over-ride switch for emergency operation.
    * Low voltage shut down. High voltage shut down.
    * Reverse polarity protected.
      LED indicators for ON, OFF and Timing.
    * Rugged ABS case with screw hole mounts.
      Operates in ambient temps from -50º- 75ºC 
The SDT turns off electrical loads up to 30 amps at an adjustable preset time after the vehicle’s ignition is turned off or if the battery becomes overly discharged. 
SKU: LD-SDT123002