NuPower Battery for iBook G3 12 Model

Newer Makes Your Mac Better Than New!

NuPower High Capacity Li-Ion Replacement Batteries use top tier cells and are designed, engineered, and manufactured to deliver the highest run times avaiable. Now you can listen to more music, watch more videos, and/or get more work done between recharges. And, not only do NewerTech batteries provide longer run times vs. other brands, NewerTech batteries are also built to last longer so you get more use cycles before a replacement is needed.

It's a Plug and Play upgrade that makes your Mac better than new!

• Ideal replacement for any iBook G3 12" 'Dual USB' system
• Up to 33% more capacity than the Apple® original 3300mAh battery that shipped with the iBook G3 12" 'Dual USB' systems
• More capacity = more running time!
• Lithium-Ion technology
• 1 year NewerTech warranty
• RoHS Compliant
Known Apple equivalent replacement part numbers:
M8433GB, M8403, M8433, 6661-2569, 661-2472, 661-2672, 661-1764, 661-2994, 661-2998, 661-3189, M8626G/A, M8433G/A, M9337G/A, M8956G/A, M8861LL/A, M8433G/B, A1008, A1061, B-5901, CL5100L.081 or MC-IBOOK2L
Compatible Systems:
- Apple iBook G3 12" Systems
• Dual USB - 500MHz
• Late 2001 - 500/600MHz
• 16 VRAM - 600/700MHz
• Opaque 16VRAM - 700MHz
• 32 VRAM - 800MHz
• Early 2003 - 800/900MHz
Apple iBook G3 12" Model Numbers 
M6497 or A1005
How to find your Mac's Model Number:
Step 1:Power down your Mac, wait for it to shut down, close the case, and then turn the unit over.
Step 2:Locate the small text printed on the back and look for the model number 
which consists of a single letter and four numerals
Up to 33% Higher Capacity vs. Original!
Listen to more music, watch more videos, get more work done with more run time between recharges. NuPower batteries by NewerTech, better than the your other battery - when it was new! 
Upgrade or replace your original Apple iBook G3 12" battery with a Newer Technology, Inc.® NuPower 55.5 replacement battery today!