NewerTech iPhone Tool Kit for iPhones

Do It Yourself servicing of the iPhone 4

The Newer Technology Seven Piece Toolkit for iPhone 4 is an innovative and complete kit for safe, scratch-free opening and servicing your iPhone 4 no matter whether your iPhone came with Apple proprietary TS1 'Pentalobe' screws, or standard #00 Phillips screws.

As an added bonus, for owners of iPhone 4 units equipped with the Apple proprietary security screws, we've included two #00 Phillips screws for easier future access to your iOS device.

The two screwdrivers feature magnetic blades for effortless screw positioning and threading. This handy toolkit also includes a pair of non-marring destructible nylon pry tools* (a.k.a. "spudgers"), a flexible, slim plastic pick/pry tool*, and a suction cup/puller for scratch-free display removal.

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The Newer Technology Seven Piece Toolkit for iPhone 4 contains:

    * 5-point magnetized driver to access Apple proprietary designed TS1 'Pentalobe' screws.

    * Phillips #00 magnetized screwdriver and two #00 Phillips screws for

      optional replacement of the factory 'Pentalobe' screws.

    * Two non-marring nylon 'spudger'* pry tools with wide and narrow tips.

    * Suction cup/puller for scratch-free display removal.

    * Flexible, slim plastic pick/pry tool*.

    * One year warranty

*Nylon and plastic pry tools are designed to be durable enough to pry open plastic items such as the iPhone, but do have a wearable edge and therefore are not covered by the one year warranty.