Keyspan USB twin serial adaptor (MAC ONLY)

Connect two mini Din-8 serial devices to a USB port

Capable of RS-232 and RS-422

There's a good reason why we sell more Mac USB serial adapters than any other company. Our years of experience in making PCI serial cards for Macintosh make us much more knowledgeable about Macintosh serial technology.

We applied this expertise to produced the first USB serial adapter for Mac OS in October 1998. As Apple released Mac OS X, we added Mac OS X drivers for the Twin Serial Adapter.
This adapter is recommended by dozens of serial devices manufacturers and this adapter has been certified by Apple for use with Final Cut Pro (to connect to external video decks).
* Plugs into any USB port
* Provides two RS-422 mini-DIN8 ports
* Supports data rates up to 1 Mbps
* Draws power from the USB connection - no power adapter needed
* Emulates the printer port on one port
* Macintosh:
At least one available USB port
Mac OS 8.6, Mac OS 9.x, or Mac OS X
* Linux:
At least one available USB port
Under Mac OS X compatible include:
* Modems and ISDN TAs
* Palm organizers
* digital cameras
* other serial devices which have Mac OS X drivers
For printers under Mac OS X:
* Use our USB parallel printer adapter with printers which have a parallel port
* For printers which only have a serial port, the Twin Serial Adapter can be used if the printer manufacturer offers a printer driver for Mac OS X
Incompatible products include:
* Products which require LocalTalk/AppleTalk
* Products which require Geoport
* - Due to limitations in Epson printer drivers, the modem slot is disabled when using certain Epson printers with the USB Twin Serial Adapter under Mac OS 9

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