Griffin iTrip APP

FM Transmitter with App support

The easiest-to-use FM transmitter ever and the first with App support

We've paired a powerful FM transmitter with an intuitive interface, so playing your iPhone or iPod on any FM radio (car or home stereo, boombox, whatever) is super easy.

Just plug iTrip into the dock connector, press the SmartScan™ button and you're set. SmartScan finds the clearest frequency to play your music through your car or home stereo speakers without hassles or wires. And Griffin's SmartSound™ button adjusts signal strength for the clearest sound possible. Use iTrip's three user-programmable presets to remember your favorite frequencies and recall them with one press of a button.
But there's more to iTrip than just wireless play. We've built in controls that let you play, pause, skip forward and skip back with a press of a button. And the illuminated screen scrolls track or podcast information even when your iPhone or iPod sleeps its display.
We've redesigned iTrip's interface to be easier to use than ever AND added support for our iTrip Controller App. It's a free download at the iTunes App Store that lets you take full advantage of the Multi-Touch display on your iPod or iPhone.
Tap to choose one of your own presets, or tune manually using iTrip Controller's tuning wheel. The iTrip Controller App is the perfect Muli-Touch interface for the world's most popular FM transmitter.
The New iTrip at a Glance
One-touch setup and tuning: Griffin-exclusive SmartScan finds the best FM frequency for you
SmartSound button adjusts signal strength for each frequency
Bright illuminated display for easy viewing in any light
Pass-thru connector so you can charge your iPod or iPhone while playing, using a USB Micro-B cable.
User-selectable stereo/mono modes
Track Controls: Play, pause, forward and back from iTrip’s display
iTrip Controller App: Control iTrip from your Multi-Touch display (a free download)
Tech Specs
No batteries required, draws power from your iPod or iPhone
Output RF range (US): 88.1 MHz – 107.9 MHz
Output RF range (INTL): 87.6 MHz – 107.9 MHz